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How does NallPro's MATH Online TUTORING Work?

What I need for NallPro's Online TUTORING Classes?

How much does it cost (fees) for MATH Online TUTORING at NallPro ?

How do I Pay Fees for Online TUTORING for NallPro?

When do I have to make the Payment at NallPro?
What is Online TUTORING Time during the week at NallPro?
Will I be able to cancel or change the class at NallPro?
    • No, absolute Not; Not for the Monthly Fee Base student, so there is no cancellation; if you cancel the class or if you didn’t come to class (Monthly Fee will not change).

    • Note: If you missed a class, you have to arrange an alternative time during the week, but not always possible, because limited spots available!

      For rescheduling typically we need week (7 days) in advance.

When do I get started with NallPro?

How do I get started class at NallPro?

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