NallPro offer 3 Level of Teaching:

      NallPro will work with students to fill in foundational gaps, understand current concepts, and move ahead in the curriculum
      • Level 1: Fill in foundational gaps - Previous Grade's Basic MATH (Must needed for next levels).
      • Level 2: Understand current concepts - Going with School Works.
      • Level 3: Move ahead in the curriculum - Prepare for the Next Grade Level.
    NallPro try to Do all 3 Level of teaching even though with Online TUTORING; this is only possible with your involvement and interest!
    NallPro started its Unique Style of Teaching Method even with Online TUTORING!

    Behind this, Lots of Hardwork involved; only the people who know about Technology can understand this issue!

    This diagram shows; How NallPro Functions During the Online Class!

    A Part of Physical Picture at NallPro

    Logically Diagram:

    🎓 Luck is matter of preparation meeting opportunity! 🎓

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