The True Meaning of Friendship

Friendship between two people should spring spontaneously from their hearts like a magnet drawing on an iron needle. Two friends should always have an affinity for each other. True friends should move with each other like a shadow.

Some birds living by the side of a water pond with lots of fishes of think that they are wedded forever with that pond, but when the pond goes dry, and when there are no more fishes in that pond, the birds vanish without a word. Some people have friendship, only because they have money, a good personality or influence among them. But a true friendship should always look for a real heart.

Water plants living in that pond are happy with beautiful flowers, when the pond is filled with water. But they undergo hardship, when the pond goes dry,..... and they die. Like the water plants, true friends should always stand beside each other through thick and thin.

As a friend, I will always stand with my friends in all their activities, whether, it involves pleasure or sorrow. I will contribute to a true friendship, which I have inherited from my parents and teachers.

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