At The school where I work, Iím the troubleshooter for all the computers. One day a colleague complained that hers was running very slowly. I had a look at it and noticed she had close to 200 items in her garbage folder. "No wonder youíre having trouble. Donít you ever empty your trash can?"

"Well, no," she replied, flustered. "In our house-hold, thatís my husbandís job."


Gloucester, Ontario.


I worked at the computer help desk for a company that marketed fax software. "I simply cannot get my computer to send a fax using the software!" a customer once complained to me. I went into a lengthy explanation of how it worked. Since he still looked bewildered when I finished, I asked him to demonstrate how he had done it.

He activated the software, took a sheet of paper from his briefcase, placed it against the monitor screen and pressed the Enter key.


Windsor, Ontario.

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