Love is good feeling that springs from the bottom of the heart of a person towards another person.

A person may have affection towards another person. This may be with his parents, friends or relations. Love is different from affection. When affections reach a mature state, love starts. Love is patient and kind. Love is not ill mannered or selfish or irritable. Love dose not keeps a record of wrongs. Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with truth. Love never gives up. Love is eternal.

Love and lust carry two different meanings. A girl/boy may like a youth because of his/her good physique, beauty, wealth and position, but when that particular person loses his/her beauty, wealth or his position, that particular girl/boy goes in search of another youth. This is due to lust. A real lover would never depart from his/her lover.

A person can love anyone. He can love a girl a friend, parents and even God. The Lord Jesus Christ loved God was the Son of God and he eventually was re-united with God.

Love is sacred. If a man loves a girl, and marries her as his life partner, he should consider that his wife is a part of his life. A man can call his wife with the term " better-half" only when be can accommodate her with a full love, giving equal rights to her.

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