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What is an A+ certified?

What is an Network+ certified?
  • The CompTIA Network+ certification is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of networking professionals with at least nine months of experience in network support or administration or adequate academic training. A typical candidate would have CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge, but this is not a prerequisite.

  • Earning a CompTIA Network+ certification demonstrates that a candidate can describe the features and functions of networking components, and possesses the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure and troubleshoot basic networking hardware, protocols and services. The exam tests technical ability in the areas of media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation, and network support. The exam also covers new technologies such as wireless networking and gigabit Ethernet.

What is an Server+ certified?
  • CompTIA Server+ certification is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of individuals with 18-24 months of experience with Industry Standard Server Architecture (ISSA) technology. Professionals who want to certify their advanced technical knowledge in areas such as RAID, SCSI, multiple CPUs and the like, should consider this certification. While CompTIA Server+ does not require CompTIA A+ certification as prerequisite, either this certification or similar is recommended. The skills and knowledge measured by this examination were developed with global input to assure accuracy, validity and reliability.

  • The Server+ certification credential validates advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, environment, troubleshooting and disaster recovery. This certification is geared toward mid- to upper-level technicians.

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