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Latest NallPro News - July 2019

    This Year (2019) 4 Students going to University, these students studied at NallPro 7-10 years (Since 2009 – 2012)

    • One of student got 100% in Grade 12 and Won Regional Awards for MATH, he is going to University of Waterloo
    • Two of them going to University of Toronto.
    • Other one going to University of Laurier.

    Other Great News One of the Grade 4 Student [In 2016, Praveen starts with NallPro in Grade 1, since that he comes 4 hrs. Classes in a week; he always studying one or two Grades higher than his school level (NallPro’s Level 3 Students) Right now at school studying in Grade 4, at NallPro he is studying Grade 5 and 6 some Grade 7 level.] selected as Gifted Child and He going to go to Gifted School in September 2019.

One Student got 100% others two get close to 100% (See their Report Cards): These students not get their marks, overnight; after a lots hard work with Dedication, Good habits and spend more time for study to got this success! They have been coming 7 to 10 years; some of them have been coming 4hrs classes in a week. (Without skip any classes). Also did most of NallPro Sheets with 100% accurate on time.

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