NallPro celebrates 24 years of teaching and sharing knowledge in Computer training and Math Tuition.
It’s a small thank you for 24 big years!

Over 1,950 students in 24 Years = 288 Months = 8,766 Days…..

    Have you ever seen any services, that charges the same amount money for 24 years? No Others Have Done It Except NallPro!

    • NallPro is proud to say that “Many students came here with no knowledge or little knowledge in MATH and left NallPro:
      • with some students even skipping a Grade
      • with some students who moved to Gifted Schools
      • with some students who moved to IB/IBT/AP
      • with some students who got excellent marks (even 100%) with University Scholarship
      • with a student Won Regional Awards (in 2019) for MATH with 100%.

    • NallPro started (April 14, 2020) the Online TUTORING - Due to COVID-19 Pandemic; Still continue....
      • NallPro started its Unique Style of Teaching Method even with Online TUTORING!
      • Most Students can gain and benefit almost the same/more as Onsite Tuition (Traditional - In Person); when they follow NallPro Online TUTORING method!

    • Over 1,950 Students (Not all of them study here until they go to University)
      • If all of them study here there will Not be Enough Space for Good Ones.
      • Because there are limited seats per class! - A great learning experience, small classroom makes for great interaction and more understanding of material.
      • But almost 80% of the students study here from Grade 1-5 until they go to University.
        If students/parents are smart and can understand education, they don't lose this great opportunity!
      • Also NallPro always maintains the standard with the Ministry of Education Mathematics Curriculum Guidelines.

    • NallPro deals with more than 2,000 Parents/Guardians - It's not that easy to deal with some of the Parents!
      • Some parents/students still misunderstand NallPro; if students come here, parents think that their child Math studies are going to be fine within short amount of time; This is only true for students who follow NallPro's MATH Tuition Rules & Regulations!
      • There are so many teachers who come and go with your Kids' studies. However, only a few teachers take good care of the student. I'm proud to say that, NallPro is of them. NallPro proved this in so many ways for last the 24+ Years with NallPro and 5 Years with TBE!
      • Some parents/students don’t like the truth/reality; they want only temporary happiness! NallPro reveals that the truth always WINS! - NallPro is not going to lie about your kids (students). Telling the Truth and making someone realize their problem, is better than, telling a Lie and making someone Fake Happy! Note: For this reason NallPro lost 100s of students each year; I don't maind Money is not everything!
      • Some students Definitely Need A Minimum of 2 Classes in a Week to Understand MATH!
        • Many of them know NallPro (But do not Believe/Trust), for a long time – they went through all Franchise Tuition Centers (spent more than double or triple amount of money). Eventually they come to NallPro and parents/student want fix all MATH issues (2 to 3 Grades), while spending a little amount of money with a little amount of time (1 class in a week). How is this even possible?
        • Also; if you are a parent ask yourself, what was your salary in 1999? And Now?
        • In other words, $75 in 1999 is equivalent to purchasing $137.62 in 2023; a difference of $62.62 over 24 years.

    • was running since March 20, 1999. Without any 3rd party Ad. (NallPro spend 100s of dollars monthly – Not all Students utilize in a proper way!)
      • I know everyone has a busy life, but students/parents must understand the reality of Education! Humble request, please read the “Point of View” at Lessons that we all most often learn too late in studies life, is sometimes difficult to fix later!

      • “” is not like a YouTube channel. NallPro absolute does not earn money, if you view or visit the site. This is an Ad-Free site since 1999; I spend monthly 100s of dollars to maintain! And I spend a lot of time to create/put this educational information with my experience, for all of you utilize in a proper way! (Educational Experience that you cannot buy!)

I started teaching since 1987 with Toronto School Board.

But NallPro officially Registered and Class started on October 19, 1999.

NallPro in 1996 at Brampton, ON - Canada.
NallPro in 2009 at Brampton, ON - Canada.

Since 1999, NallPro has provided outstanding MATH Tuition, NallPro charges the same kind of fees since it started!
I have been teaching MATH since 1987, and have taught with TBE as well. I enjoy teaching all kind of students, such as;
  • Gifted Students
  • IB Students
  • IBT Students
  • Academic Students
  • Applied Students
  • Private School Students
  • ESL Students
  • IEP Students and
  • Special Needs Students.

Founded in 1999, NallPro provides one-on-one attention and helps students fully understand MATH and drastically increase their marks.

NallPro offer 3 Level of Learning:

NallPro will work with students to fill in foundational gaps, understand current concepts, and move ahead in the curriculum.

Level 1: Fill in foundational gaps – Previous Grade’s Basic MATH (Must needed for next levels)
Level 2: Understand current concepts – Going with School Works
Level 3: Move ahead in the curriculum – Prepare for the Next Grade Level
NallPro in 2009 at Brampton, ON - Canada.
NallPro in 2011 at Brampton, ON - Canada.

NallPro Training encompasses a wide range of Courses including, but not limited to:
    1. Introduction to Computer
    2. Advanced Computer Usage
    3. Advanced PC Technology
    4. Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003
    5. Web Page Design
    6. Advanced Web Page Design
    7. Introduction to Kids' Computer
    8. Advanced Kids Program - Part I
    9. Advanced Kids Program - Part II
    10. Advanced IT Systems - Part I
    11. Advanced IT Systems - Part II
    12. Web+graphics Design
    13. Advanced IT Usage - For Kids
    14. Introduction to Information Technology
    15. Advanced IT Usage
    16. PC Assembly & Repair
    17. A+ Certification
    18. Network+ Certification
    19. Server+ Certification
    20. Windows 2000 Professional
    21. Windows 2000 Server
    22. MCSE Certification
    23. Office Assistant
    24. NALL+ (NallPro's Special)

NallPro can educate anyone, who can understand the Value of Education!

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