NallPro's A+ Core Hardware Sample Questions Exam: 220-301

All of these A+ Exam were designed by Kumar Nalliah, E.Eng, Net.Eng, MCSE, MCP+I, A+, Network+ Server+

1. Which of the following microprocessors has a 32 bit internal data bus?

A Pentium
B 80286
C Pentium Pro
D 80486

2. The connector shown would be used for what?

A PS2 mouse port
B PS2 keyboard port
C Serial data port
D Parallel data port

3. PC Conventional memory is:

A 2.0MB
B 640K
D 512K

4. Typical voltages found in microcomputers are:

A -5 and +5 volts
B +12, -12, +5, and -5 volts
C +5, and +10 volts
D +5, -10, +10, and -12 volts

5. A sound card has just been installed in a PC. When you try to play a test sound, the sound loops over and over. The most likely cause is:

A The microphone is feeding back into the speakers
B The sound card is not fully seated in the slot
C The speaker connections are crossed
D An interrupt conflict

6. The interrupt for a real time clock on a PC is:


7. Which of these in Binary numbers is equal to Decimal 18 ?

A 0001 0010
B 0000 1000
C 0000 0100
D 0001 1000
E 1010 1000

8. The standard IDE drive cable has:

A 25 lines
B 40 lines
C 50 lines
D 34 lines
E 32 lines

9. Which type of network cabling would be best in an environment that has a lot of large motors, flourescent lights, and other EMI generating equipment?

A Coaxial
C Fiber optic
D Shielded twisted pair
E All of above
F B and D

10. Which of the following are input devices only?

A Modem
B Mouse
C Scsi controller
D Video card
E keyboard
F All of above
G B and E

11. The process known as ___________ converts binary information into patterns of magnetic flux on a hard disk's surface.

A Encoding
B Decoding
C Fluxing
D Warping

12. A customer calls and says her computer won't boot. she can hear noises and can see lights on the box, but nothing comes up on the screen. what should you take to the site to fix the problem?

A Hard Drive
B Video Card
C Power Cable
D Power Supply

13. You just installed a new ide hard drive, but your system bios will not recognize the new drive. what should you check first.

A Cable sequence
B Jumpers on the hard drive
C Drivers that need to be loaded
D Harddrive manufacturer web site information

14. A workstation has just been installed on an ethernet LAN, but cannot communicate with the network. What should you check first?

A Reinstall the network protocols
B Reinstall the network interface card driver
C Verify the ip configuration on the workstation
D Verify the link status on the computer's network card

15. What is modified when changing the system start-up boot sequence?

B Config.sys
C Autoexec.bat

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