NallPro's Server+ Sample Exam Questions

All of these Server+ Exam were designed by Kumar Nalliah, E.Eng, Net.Eng, MCSE, MCP+I, A+, Network+ Server+

1. After upgrading a server from a software RAID solution to a hardware RAID solution, the administrator notices a substantial increase in performance. Which of the following would best explain the increase?

A Hardware solutions support additional RAID levels for improved performance.
B Processing is now performed by the controller, resulting in less system CPU usage.
C The implementation of hardware RAID would not increase performance of the overall system.
D The new controller works together with the system CPU, providing improved hard drive seek time.

2. A new hardware RAID controller has been installed but is not recognized by the server BIOS. Which of the following could be done to solve the problem?

    I. Update the system firmware.
    II. Update the RAID controller firmware.
    III. Make the IRQ available.
    IV. Install the Network OS driver.

A I and II only
B III and IV only
C I, II, and III only
D I, II, III, and IV

3. A customer is using a DAT drive for data backup. The drive will backup intermittently, usually stopping towards the end of the backup job. The customer claims to have cleaned the drive just two days ago, but the problem still exists. What should be the next step in troubleshooting the backup problem?

A Ask the customer to replace the backup tapes.
B Ask the customer to reload the backup software.
C Replace the tape drive with a known good drive.
D Replace the controller with a known good controller.

4. While performing a daily review of the system logs, a server manager notices that the latest error entry in the log indicates that a specific service or function has stopped operating. What should be the next diagnostic step taken by the server manager?

A Attempt to manually restart the service or function.
B Examine the log for previous instances of this error.
C Determine which enterprise functions are being affected by this stoppage.
D Erase the log to make it easier to locate the next occurrence of this error.

5. While auditing a client site, the technician notices that the SNMP monitor has a high volume of messages from the servers indicating that each server has reached 5%network utilization. The alerts were configured by the previous administrator.

Which of the following actions should be taken?

A Raise the SNMP network utilization threshold.
B Call in a network cabling expert to resolve the errors.
C Subnet the network to decrease the size of the collision domain.
D Set a filter on the SNMP monitor to stop displaying the network utilization messages.

6. An existing UPS has succeeded in preventing immediate, unplanned shutdown, but the run time on a fully- charged battery is too short for a clean shut down of the Network OS.

What step should be taken to improve the amount of available battery run time?

A Install a higher capacity UPS.
B Increase the charge time on the UPS.
C Connect the UPS to a dedicated circuit.
D Configure the advanced power management on the server.

7. A company server is connected to a RAID 5 storage subsystem. A drive failure occurs and goes unnoticed.
Three weeks later, an additional drive fails and all data is lost.

Which of the following would have prevented the array failure?

A Using hot-swappable drives.
B Performing regular tape backups.
C Flashing the RAID controller BIOS.
D Enabling remote notification of the drive failure.

8. After the four pieces of equipment listed below were connected, the UPS went into an overload condition.

Which of the following pieces of equipment is the most likely cause of the problem?

A Desktop system
B 17"monitor I
C Laser printer
D 48-port hub

9. A server currently uses an Ultra2 SCSI controller. A directive to install an Ultra ATA 100 drive is ordered by management. Which of the following reasons would prevent technician form using this drive?

A Ultra2 to Ultra 100 requires a converter
B Ultra2 does not support Ultra ATA 100 drives
C Ultra2 uses a 50-pin connector; Ultra ATA 100 uses 68 pins
D Ultra2 uses an 80-pin connector; Ultra ATA 100 uses 40 pins

10. A company has hired an installation service company to install a server. The SCSI devices are configured to use the same SCSI controller. The installation appeared to be successful. After six hours, the server's SCSI devices are randomly inaccessible. A reboot temporarily resolves the issue.

Which of the following is the most likely of this issue?

A The devices were not properly terminated
B The system's BIOS was not upgraded prior their installation
C The SCSI adapter is not properly seated in the PCI slot
D The SCSI adapter firmware was not upgrade prior the installation

11. The company server must be shut down for an upgrade. Which of the following sequences is the best practice when shutting down a server?

A Perform a backup, notify users before shutdown, then shut down server and peripherals together.
B Perform a backup, notify users before shutdown, shut down server, the shut down the peripherals.
C Notify users before shutdown, shut down applications, then shut down peripherals and the shut down server.
D Have all users log off the server, shut down all applications, backup the server, shut down server and then shut down the peripherals.

12. A wake-on-LAN adapter has been installed on a server. However, the server does not wake up as expected. Which of the following should be done to resolve the problem?

A Verify SNMP packets
B Verify TCP/IP packets
C Verify Magic packets
D Verify ACK packets

13. A new UPS has been installed with a signal cable that connects the server to the UPS. However, the server cannot communicate with the UPS. Which of the following is the likely cause?

A The UPS is the wrong model
B The UPS batteries are not fully charged
C The UPS software is not properly configured
D The UPS is not configured to a power source

14. Which of the following types of backup media is recommend to maximize storage on a 24 GB DAT drive?

D DDS-24

15. A server technician is verifying a new network configuration on a UNIX server and types IPCONFIG at the prompt. Nothing happens. Which of the following commands should have been used to accomplish this?


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