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Welcome to my personal homepage. Let me introduce myself, my name is ChandraKumar Nalliah, also I have an another nick name Ragu. I was born in Jaffna, Northern Province. I came to Canada in 1986, due to the war in Sri Lanka.

My hobbies include Computer & Internet, Music, Movies and Playing Tennis.

Teaching is my passions

I discovered my passion for teaching early in my high school years; when I was in Grade 9, I started teaching Math for Grade 10 Students. When I was studying at PCI in Toronto, my school math teachers asked me to teach Math; then I worked with Toronto Board of Education from 1987 to 1991. Worked as a Student Tutor teaching Mathematics (Calculus, Functions, Algebra, etc.) Whenever I am free, I spend time improving my teaching (create new class Notes & Worksheets) and devolve NallPro.com. I believe in my self and I am a hard worker. I believe you will succeed if you’re hard working.

Even though, I have 3 Engineering Degrees/Diplomas, so many Certifications and I worked at more than 15 well-known Companies with IT experience, but I feel happier to teach Math.

My Academic & Career Path:

I completed my secondary education (high school) at Parkdale Collegiate Institute, Toronto in 1991.

While I was studying high school, I worked with Toronto Board of Education from 1987 to 1991. Worked as a Student Tutor teaching Mathematics (Calculus, Algebra, etc.)

I Achieved Ontario Scholarship In 1990.

In 1991, I Achieved University of Ottawa Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

In November 1995, I got my Iron Ring . Only in Canada, if you Graduate from any University as an Engineer, you will get an "Iron Ring" (You can see this Iron Ring on Engineer’s working hand little finger)

I graduated from the University of Ottawa 1995, with Electrical Engineering Degree with Honours, specialization in COMPUTER COMMUNICATION.

My career began with NORTEL [Northern Telecom] in 1996. I worked as a Network Support Analyst for two years.

While I was working with [1996 - 1998]. I took some Advanced Certification Courses.

In December 1998, I got Network Engineering Diploma with Distinction.

Then I took Following IT Certifications:

I worked with the following Companies:
  1. NORTEL (Northern Telecom), As a Network Support Analyst
  2. IMS (Inquiry Management Systems), As a Network Consultant
  3. WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board), As a Network Analyst
  4. Curtis International, As an IT Consultant
  5. CIBC Commercial Bank, As a Network Consultant
  6. Kraft Foods Canada, As a Network Analyst
  7. LINENS-N-THINGS, As a Network Analyst
  8. TD Bank, As a Network Analyst
  9. Pfizer Warner Lambert, As a Network Analyst
  10. Deloitte & Touche, As a Technical Support Specialist
  11. BTI Canada, As a Technical Consultant
  12. Campbell Soup, As a Technical Analyst
  13. WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board), As a Deskside Support
  14. Palm Canada, As a Technical Support
  15. GE (General Electric) IT Solutions, As an IT Technical Administrator

  • NallPro I can educate anyone, who can understand the Value of Education.

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